What to expect at the consultation.

Learn all about the consultation process for plastic surgery procedures with Dr. Tarak Patel.

About the experience

Dr. Patel understands how difficult it is to come into an office and tell someone what you don’t like about yourself and what you want to change. It can be a very vulnerable experience. Dr. Patel wants to ensure your experience is customized and comfortable for you. He will ensure he is prepared for your consultation and will provide you all the information you need to help make the decision that is best for you. You will leave the office with his cell phone and will be able to call or text him with any further questions.

Step 1: You call 253-733-7048 to set up a consultation

You will talk with our coordinator, Kelly, who will answer any basic questions and set you up with two other appointments. The first appointment will be a telephone consultation with Kelly and the second appointment will be an in office meeting with Dr. Patel.

Step 2: Telephone Consultation with our Coordinator

During this 20-30minute phone appointment, Kelly will discuss your goals, the procedures you are interested in and prices ranges. She will also discuss financing options and timelines for your procedure. She will review your medical history and medications. Based on your medical history, if any further testing or medical clearance is required to ensure surgery is safe as possible for you, the team will let you know.

Step 3: Consultation with Dr. Patel

This will be a 1hr appointment directly with Dr. Patel. He will have already reviewed your file and know what to expect. He will re-discuss your goals, perform a comprehensive examination and provide you a detailed plan to help you achieve your goals. Based on what you both decide, a finalized plan and pricing will be given to you. Kelly will then meet with you during this appointment and help with scheduling. Dr.Patel understands this is a very big decision. He values your time and wants to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right decision for yourself. In addition to providing you with great results, Dr. Patel will ensure safety is a top priorty. He only works with board certified anesthesiologists in accredited surgical centers.