Achieve a slimmer and more defined body contour with liposuction.

About the procedure

Liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures among both men and women. It removes stubborn pockets of fatty tissue in the belly, flanks, “love handles”, back, arms, neck, breasts (including male breasts), thighs, and other areas to reveal a slimmer, sleeker profile. Performed as an outpatient procedure, liposuction is popular among men and women who are close to their goal weight and want to refine and improve their results.

Liposuction is also popular among people who are fit and physically active but have isolated areas of fat that haven’t responded to diet and exercise. As a top-rated plastic surgeon, Dr. Patel is proficient in performing liposuction in patients who want to achieve a way to look slimmer and feel more confident.

Why get liposuction?

What areas are treated by liposuction?

The following areas can safely undergo liposuction.

For best results, Dr. Patel will blend treated areas with adjacent areas. While liposuction can dramatically enhance contours in areas that do not respond to diet and exercise, it is not a treatment for obesity.

In fact, liposuction is most successful in patients with good skin tone who are at or near their ideal body weight.

What kind of fat is removed by liposuction?

There 2 types of fat in the body. Only the Subcutaneous Fat is removed by the body.

Who is a candidate for liposuction?

The best candidates for liposuction & body sculpting are men and women who:

What else can you tell me about the procedure?

Essentially all liposuction procedures involve the injection of liposuction fluid, also known as tumescent fluid. This injected solution minimizes bruising and blood loss and also helps control postoperative pain. Once the fluid is injected, Dr. Patel uses a safe and efficient technique called Power assisted Liposuction to remove the fat.

What should I know about taking care of myself after the procedure?

Dr. Patel preforms liposuction as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia, or local anesthesia without or without sedation depending on the extent of treatment. Liposuction is a popular add on in conjunction with other procedures such as tummy tucks, arm lifts, thigh lifts and neck lifts. We instruct all liposuction patients to wear a compression garment after surgery to reduce swelling. Bruising and numbness are variable but always temporary. Light exercise is encouraged soon after surgery but strenuous activity is limited for several weeks. Patients may drive and return to work once they discontinue narcotic pain medication.