Skin rubbing along your inner thighs? Liposuctin with skin removal may be the answer for you.

About the procedure

The legs can be a very bothersome area for many patients, especially after a lot of weight loss. Loose skin on the outer and inner thighs can make it hard to find clothes that fit and can create chafing while exercising. If you have worked hard to obtain and maintain a healthy weight, but are discouraged by the appearance of excess thigh skin,  Dr. Patel can help with thighlift surgery in Tacoma, WA and Puyallup, WA.

Who is a candidate for a thighlift?

If you have excess skin and skin laxity along the inner and outer thighs after weight loss and you are not happy with the appearance and if it interferes with your normal activities you should consider thighlift surgery.

What else can you tell me about the procedure?

When Dr. Patel counsels a patient about the appearance of their legs, he evaluates their skin quality, the presence of extra skin, where that extra skin is located, and whether fatty tissue is a problem. He then designs a surgical plan individually tailored to them.

A thighlift is performed under general anesthesia. The lift can be performed with a short scar located in the upper leg crease (groin) or with an extended scar down to the knee.  When at all possible, keeping the scar hidden in the upper leg crease is preferred.

What should I know about taking care of myself after the procedure?

Patients tolerate the procedure well with minimal pain and discomfort, but Dr. Patel encourages at least two weeks for optimal recovery.  Some patients will have drainage tubes for about a week after surgery.  It is generally recommended that patients take two weeks off from work, but patients who have a more sedentary work life may be able to return to work sooner.  Some numbness at the incision site is normal and temporary.  Patients can typically return to full activity including the gym in six weeks.  Swelling and some bruising are normal.  You may be asked to wear compression garments to help minimize the swelling for six weeks.