Restore a masculine chest contour with gynecomastia treatment.

About the procedure

Gynecomastia is a medical condition characterized by the enlargement of male breast tissue. It can be caused by hormonal imbalance, medications and obesity. Gynecomastia can make one feel very self-conscious in clothing or in social situations where you need to remove your shirt such as at the beach or pool areas.

Breast procedures are not just for women. Although breast surgery is often associated with women, men can also experience excess fatty tissue in the chest area. Dr. Patel offers a range of breast procedures tailored specifically for men. From breast reductions to liposuction contouring with Renuvion, Dr. Patel will recommend the ideal procedure to help you achieve your goals.

Men are often overlooked when it comes to breast procedures and their needs. Understanding your options is the first step in making an informed decision about the type of procedure that is right for you.

Who is a candidate for a gynecomastia?

You are a candidate for gynecomastia surgery if:

Prior to your surgery, you’ll meet with Dr. Patel for an examination and evaluation. During your office visit, you’ll need to provide a complete medical history as well as a list of any medications or supplements you’re taking. You’ll also need to let the doctor know if you have allergies and if you’ve had prior surgeries. Dr. Patel will perform a very careful evaluation of your chest area, taking note of your skin tone and the areas that concern you the most. Before coming in for your visit, it can help to spend some time looking carefully in the mirror so you can describe the issues you’d like to have corrected. Next, he’ll review options for your goals. You’ll also need to stop taking aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for 2 weeks to prevent bleeding issues. Finally, depending on your age, general health and other factors, you may be asked to obtain a medical clearance from your family doctor or specialist prior to your facelift

What else can you tell me about the procedure?

There are several surgical procedures available:

During the initial consultation, Dr.Patel will evaluate the degree of breast and fatty tissue present and the degree of skin excess and laxity. The surgical option will be based on that exam and the patient’s goals.

Liposuction is a procedure that removes excess fat from the breast area through small tiny stab incisions using a cannula. The surgery typically takes an hour and results in minimal downtime with a quick recovery. Ideal candidates are patient’s with more of a fatty breast and good skin tone.

If you have a significant amount of fatty and breast tissue with excess skin and significant laxity, then you would be a candidate for a mastectomy. During this procedure, excess fatty and breast tissue is removed in addition to excess loose skin. The chest is then contoured to give you a flat masculine look. The incisions for this procedure are much larger. This is performed under general anesthesia and has a longer recovery (2 to 3 weeks).

What should I know about taking care of myself after the procedure?

During the initial few days of recovery, you will have swelling, bruising and redness. You will need to wear a compression garment across your chest area (a vest) to help minimize swelling and discomfort. You will wear the compression vest for 3-4 weeks to get maximal benefit. The recovery time depends on the procedure. For liposuction only patients, the recovery is quick and you will be back to work within 48 hours and full activity. For mastectomy patients, you will have drains that are present for 7-10 days and you will need 10-14 days off from work. Ideal results can then be expected and appreciated at 3-6 months.